About Us

Looking for the best products, workmanship, and service bundled together at an affordable rate?  Look no further.

My name is Kurtis Kemick and I am the owner and operator for KK Roofing Inc.  My ultimate goal is to provide all of my customers with a feeling of gratitude for the quality of work and service you receive when the job is complete.   I take pride in how I do business, with accurate estimates that almost always match the final invoice.

After completing thousands of residential roofs for homeowners across Regina, I have personally worked on almost every style and type of roof this city has to offer.  With 14 years of Roofing experience and highly experienced crew, I can comfortably offer a Workmanship Warranty that lasts the entire life of the shingles.

Before each job begins, I personally inspect your property and ensure nothing can be damaged due to falling debris, and afterward ensure your property is cleared of all debris including a magnetic sweep for nails.  Extra care is always given before and during the job to ensure every part of your property is protected and maintained.


What to expect from KK Roofing:

•Knowledge from over 3000 hands-on residential roofing renovations over the past 13 years, we know exactly what your roof and attic need.

•Top quality workmanship and a warranty on labor for the life of the shingles

•A clean and safe job site throughout the renovation

•Kind and courteous service

•Highly trained and efficient employees

•Competitive pricing

•Business License and Liability Insurance